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:: Monday, December 24, 2001 ::

Christmas Eeeeeeve! And I'm bored as all hell...i hung out away from home all weekend, so now it's kind of a shock to be in "bored at home" mode.
I have some things to get off of my chest here...guys can be pricks. This weekend was alot shittier than it should have been because of some asshole attitude that decided to go ahead and treat me like shit. It is times like these that I wonder what the HELL I'm doing with myself. Sometimes I wish I could wrap up maturity and hand it to the people that need it...
I went to a viewing of my friend's dad. It was fuckin' sad as hell...i haven't seen him in a long time and he looked so shook up. It was kind of a closing to this shittiness of attitude...why treat people like that? You don't know when they're gonna leave..
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:: Thursday, December 20, 2001 ::
woohoo, okay...i'm getting the hang of this thing! Not that anybody cares...today has been boring, so ANYTHING exciting WILL get posted!
There are some things that are bothering me, which i don't know how to type here...basically things that I'm gonna have to learn to deal with...i can get really jealous sometimes...
anyway, i'm probably gonna be hanging with friends tomorrow and the rest of the weekend...so hopefully Christmas will hurry it's little butt here..something to do, ya know. Then New Years. I hope there is some sort of party somewhere...i'm feelin' the need to get intoxicated in some way or another.

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Uhh..all right, first entry going on here. First of all, since people I know are going to be reading this, let me explain something about this journal thing. It's mostly going to be random thoughts, ramblings about shit, all that good stuff. I'm not gonna use any names cuz I just don't think it's a good thing to do...like i would say "guys can be pricks" instead of "oh, Bubba is a prick." Hopefully if it's you, you'll realize it's you without the whole world needing to know it's you. Make sense? It better because I'm not explaining it again. I usually use deadjournal, but their whole thing is down...i may go back, or i could stay here. Depends I which i like better. Anyway, uh...five days until Christmas. Kinda sucks since I still to pick up some gifts and i have a total of 6 bucks to my name. *oops...*

Let me go do some stuff that I need to do (like you're going to stop me) and MAYBE, if you're lucky, I'll write more later..

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